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Текст песни

shout out to famous smoke shop yeah for
providing me with these fine Cuban
tobacco there's something else in here
roller blun
byot jizzel sticky
yeah got my boy in the house
yeah play life baby Play Let's Go how
hey girl tell me what your name is want
to get famous be a superstar blow money
at your anus roll with me then B the
hand yeah let's get it in uh sitting at
the B Cafe in baby trying to serenate
now look what you're saying you think
you love me you don't even know me now
you want to sex me I know exactly what
your type is you want the Lou the Gucci
and the icings I ain't falling don't try
to catch me I'm not a magnet you can't
attach me it takes a lot to be Mr super
but you full of dog where's my
scooper I'm so tired of this your girls
need to change I don't believe you and
that's the issue
every day I spend with you it gets worse
sometimes I think yo could this be a
curse or just karma for all the drama
that I gave to my future baby Mas but
I'm a better man you can't play me and I
need a girl girl to come and save me but
you don't qualify cuz everything out of
your mouth is a damn lie yeah you know a
girl I was ready to hand you the world
you had me singing to the birds and the
squirrels but I'm awake now and I ain't
dreaming and all that mushy stuff yo I
ain't feeling telling your girls that
you trying to play me but your girls is
the one that's want to pay me so just
kick rocks and don't forget your purse I
don't believe you
spee see
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