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Текст песни

Cookin up a storm, piece of cake (cake cake cake)
Spittin out that fire feel the blaze (feel the blaze)
Taking over we dont play by the rules
If you wanna feel alive say the name (say the name)
Bellowing speakers mic pop filter
Bass be kicking harder got your head off kilter
Keep your dirty hands off me
Imma show you just wait and see
Dominate everything, we are the ultimate gang
Fresh taste, fresh scent, fresh shape, fresh everything
Came for a bite, now youre so addicted, yeah thank you come again
Everything you craving, yeah its all me
Everything invented, that was all me yeah
Hell of a line yeah I know its hella fine
Hells Kitchen tasting divine
You feel it in your system, you want it more
Different new flavours
Our dish heres so bussin
Finger Lickin yeah we cookin up a Super Bowl
In the kitchen, Michelin, irresistible
Open wide, have a bite
Make it mine, all the time
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