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Текст песни

One night a few moons ago
I saw flecks of what couldve been lights
But it might just have been you
Passing by unbeknownst to me
Life is emotionally abusive
And time cant stop me quite like you did
And my flight was awful, thanks for asking
Im unglued, thanks to you

And its like snow at the beach
Weird, but fuckin beautiful
Flying in a dream
Stars by the pocketful
You wanting me tonight, feels impossible
But its comin down, no sound, its all around
Like snow on the beach

Like snow on the beach
Like snow on the beach
Like snow, oh

This scene feels like what I once saw on a screen
I searched aurora borealis green
Ive never seen someone lit from within
Blurring out my periphery
My smile is like I won a contest
And to hide that would be so dishonest
And its fine to fake it till you make it
Till you do
Till its true
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